Waxy O’Connor’s

It is not a labyrinth, it is just a former church which became a giant Irish Pub (6 bars in total) but they kept the architecture (vault, stained glasses, monk pulpits…).

A maze of corridors, various levels and rooms, this bar located between Piccadilly circus and Leicester square will make you dizzy.

Pleasant to have a drink and ideal to loose someone. What is also nice is that they have independent artists mostly guitar players who sometimes come and play on the first floor. Each bar has its own atmosphere and this is what makes the Waxy O’Connor’s a unique place. Be careful when you have a gathering with your friends not to lose them!

14-16 Rupert St
London W1D 6DD

 Picadilly Circus

+44 20 7287 0255

Price : around £20 (drinks included)

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