The Blues Kitchen

The Blues Kitchen is a restaurant but also a club and that’s why I should have doubt about the food’s quality because it’s not its core business. I was disappointed at the first look.

The room was barely lighted by table lamps. I found the decor sad, almost seedy. As I understand some restaurants with this specific lighting want their atmosphere to look romantic or muted but it didn’t work in this case.

I was surprised by the menu as well which was shorter than the one I saw on the website. I choose the American Breakfast which appealed me but for this I was pretty upset because the pancake was dry, the sausage… I couldn’t eat it and the poached eggs were not poached but hard-boiled and I had an unidentified ingredient in my plate. Even the fresh mint tea was not very fresh.

The service was ok but the table was not set at our arrival. How can I describe my global disillusion?

I love brunches so much. So, basically I don’t recommend you this one. Perhaps the music at night is good. Fortunately Pop Brixton and The Brixton Village are not too far to upper the level.

40 Acre Ln, Brixton
London SW2 5SP


(+44) 20 7274 0591


Price : between £20 and £30pp (drinks included)

My rating:  tray29 - copie copietray29tray29tray29

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