Sketch – The Parlour

Sketch – The Parlour is a gem. The creator transforms this private mansion into a wonderful relaxing area with tea rooms, restaurants and bars. Each room draws a different atmosphere.

You will be really amazed by the big powdered pink lounge with its velvet seats, the art deco tea room with its cosy yet elegant setting, the Glade which looks like an enchanted forest  Even the loos are surprising.

You will enjoy the tea time in this place because there is a huge selection of tea, their pastries are delightful and everything is here for you to have a pleasant time.

9 Conduit St
London W1S 2XG

 Oxford Circus
 Bond Street

+44 (0)20 7659 4500


Price : between £10 and £79 (Christmas Afternoon tea) pp

My rating:   coffee122 - copie copie coffee122 - copie copie coffee122 - copie copie coffee122 - copie copie

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