Rodizio Preto

Rodizio Preto is a Brazilian restaurant. At first sight, nothing special when you go into the room. But wait and choose your set menu. The one at £19.95 with the different grill meats is better.

Everything is starting right now.

You can have as much as you want in the salad bar and hot dishes with Caribbean flavors. Have a seat and a waiter will offer you regularly tender grilled pieces of meat, cut in front of you.

You will have at your disposal un small disk to turn over the red side if your stomach says STOP.

72 Wilton Rd
London SW1V 1DE


+44 (0)20 7233 8668


Price : £19.95 pp for the formula with unlimited roasted meats and traditional brazilian sides buffet
£14.95 pp for the Brazilian sides buffet

My rating:   tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29

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