Rabot 1745

The chocolate paradise (very close to Borough Market) is waiting for you! A huge lively room where the slightest detail makes you think about cocoa.

Come to discover Rabot 1745 for a breakfast or a snack to taste their aromatized hot chocolate, the salted caramel and the hazelnut ones are delicious and their scones, soft inside and crusty outside.

I have not yet tried the restaurant part where exotic dishes with subtle chocolate savor are very original and desserts look fabulous.

Big V London, 2-4 Bedale St
London SE1 9AL

 London Bridge


+44 20 7378 8226

Price : less than £10 (for breakfast)

My rating:coffee122 - copie copie coffee122 - copie copie coffee122 - copie copie coffee122

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