Nordic Bakery

In Golden Square, in Soho, the Nordic Bakery is unique and maybe one of the only coffee shops in London where you can relax.

The atmosphere is relaxing without any music, just a peaceful place where people can work, read a book or spend some time with their friends.

The decor is really simple without pretension. You will have the choice between sweet treats such as the apple tosca bun which is really good or the oven pancake, another way to eat pancake without fat and savouries such as smoked salmon, served on dark rye bread. The salmon was delicious. You can try these snacks with a large selection of hot drinks (tea, coffee, or hot chocolate) and just enjoy your time.

14A Golden Square, Soho
London W1F 9JG

 Picadilly Circus

+44 20 3230 1077


Price : around £10 (drinks included)

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