Market Cafe

Market Cafe is a friendly, family restaurant/coffee shop near the Broadway Market. Difficult to find attraction to this place on a crowdy Saturday, market day, but the most important is to find a table for a brunch without any reservation.

We were lucky that day even if our table was not in the best spot, subject to the newcomers’draught. Brunches are their specialty, so big eaters or vegetarians there is food for everyone. Dishes are simple but well executed.

We chose the pancakes, maple syrup with bacon and pecan nuts. It was good but a bit heavy. The avocado on toast with poached eggs was ok. The service is correct and the place was a bit noisy.

I wouldn’t say it was exceptional but fairly correct for an improvised brunch.

2 Broadway Market, Dalston
London E8 4QJ

 London Fields

+44 20 7249 9070


Price : around £20 (drinks included)

My rating: tray29 - copie copietray29 - copie copietray29tray29

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