Fernandez and Wells

Fernandez and Wells is originally a chain of coffee shops. What makes the difference between the other is its simplicity and its friendly staff. The one onLexington street in Soho is really small but you feel comfortable anyway.

I have tried it not for a coffee break but for diner as they offer a large choice of small plates, cold meats and also have a huge list of wines. Hanging hams at the window, eating at a counter and the menu makes you think of a tapas bar with greek and eastern Europe inspirations. What caught my attention was the raclette on the menu the best meal to have in winter.

It was pretty late and the atmosphere was warm. We ordered some sweet white wine as I like it and the waiter brought the plate of raclette (one plate is enough for 2 people), with the warm potatoes, the delicious melted cheese and the Cecina de Leon, air-cured smoked beef.

I have nothing else to say than it was yummy. I would definitely recommend it for a tete a tete with a friend or a lover. No need to book a table as it works on the basis of first come, first serve.

1 Upper James St, Soho
London W1F 9DF

 Picadilly Circus

+44 207 734 1546


Price : less than £30 (drinks included)

My rating: tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29

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