Cay Tre

Soho is one of my favorite areas because it is full of tasty restaurants of various cuisines. Cay tre could be one of your best choices to eat sweet and chilli vietnamese food.

This place is ideal for fans of seafood and meat or even vegan people.

 You can share small plates to try all the various Vietnamese savours.

I advise you to come early because the queue can be discouraging. If you can’t make it early try to go after 9pm. The wait will be rewarded as the décor is pure and the food tasty.

Please try the Vietnamese fried rice which is tasteful and not too spicy. The staff is efficient but if you’re looking for a chat, they are unfortunately too busy for it!

42-43 Dean St
London W1D 4PZ

 Tottenham Court Road

+44 (0)20 7317 9118


Price : between £20 and £30pp (drinks included)

My rating: tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29

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