At first we were unlucky, we wanted to book a table for Cahoots the day before but there was no table available.

On the day we went out around Kingly Court, decided to go to the Two Floors near The Cahoots. And I had a feeling …

Should we just ask and see if by chance there is a table available in this cocktail bar which looks amazing. And indeed we were very lucky! We discovered the cocktail menu during our ‘only’ 15 minutes’ wait and we got a table which was a miracle when you don’t make reservation.

The menu is really original in a newspaper shape and the cocktail list is amazing, 60 different ones in total. One team staff at the entry welcomes you and puts you in the atmosphere of the bar.

Cahoots is an amazing concept. When you go downstairs, you are straight back in the 30’s with the waiters dressed with the 30’s style outfits together with the old music, it is decorated like a tube station and you feel really comfortable in it because there is a maximum of people authorised in the place.

They have a wonderful bar with lots of spirits displayed which makes you want to try all the cocktails. We had different one based on vodka, whiskey or gin, they were well presented in a crystal glass, a porcelain cup or an original container when you buy a cocktail for 2 or more.

You can add some snacks like sticks and dips or even pies. We spent a really good time as the cocktails were delicious and the staff very attentive. It is definitively a must-go-and-see place and for sure you will want to go back.

13 Kingly Court, Carnaby
London W1B 5PG

 Oxford Circus

+44 (0)20 7352 6200

Price : Around £20pp 

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