Brick Lane Market

Each Market in London has a different charm. I would say that Brick Lane Market, despite its melting pot due to its location, remains very hipster. Full of streets and hangars, this market offers you second hand clothes, art and souvenirs stalls but also, food stalls to satisfy your appetite and make you discover worldwide cuisines.

I have a preference for the Colombian stall: salad mix, rice and mix of grilled meats, served in a crusty plate made with brick pastry sheets. But the Japanese ones are really delicious and all the representatives are doing their best to make you discover their culture and their cuisine.

Terminate by a sweet note with the Dutch pancakes, a marvel! Take your meal and have a seat in the courtyard under the sun, tables are ready for you or inside if it is cold outside, in winter.

There are always animation out there (exhibitions, products tasting…).

91 Brick Ln,
London E1 6QR

 Algate East
Liverpool Street

+44 (0) 207 364 1717

Price : Less than £25 (drinks included)

My rating: tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie

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