Bob Bob Ricard

Celebrating our Christmas lunch was the perfect opportunity to taste this fancy and opulent restaurant in the heart of Soho. Bob Bob Ricard is a mix of Russian, British and French Restaurant. The decor is amazing full of gilding, Art deco objects, with two atmospheres the blue dining room and the red one.

The tables are arranged in small boxes with comfy seats to preserve your privacy with your friends or for your business meeting. The staff in uniform is at your disposal and you even have a button to press if you need champagne. Start with one of their cocktails selection. There are fruity ones made with vodka or stronger ones with whisky according to your taste.

Before starting why not try the caviar with a smooth cream and blinis. As starters, you have the choice among the steak tartare, the salmon tartare or seafood dumplings made with lobster and crab.

I suggest you try the dumplings, they are delicious. Continue with the main course, either you are carnivorous, vegetarian or prefer seafood, you will have plenty of choices. I would suggest the crispy pork belly which is full of flavour. I have tried the lobster Mac and Cheese but I was a bit disappointed. The lobster was good but the mac and cheese was a bit heavy and dry. Celebrate these festivities with a bottle of their amazing Riesling.

I was unfortunately too full to have a dessert. But I had the chance to try the one of my colleague who chose the BBR signature glory: the waiter brings you a golden chocolate ball and pours melted chocolate on it which make you discover a heart with chocolate mousse and brownie. The pouring is more spectacular than the taste but you should try it once.

If you want a ligher version, you should try the Trio of Sorbets and Platinum Vodka.

In a nutshell, it was an amazing experience of good food and drinks, excellent service that I will suggest if you fancy going to a luxury restaurant.

1 Upper James St, Soho
London W1F 9DF

 Picadilly Circus

+44 20 3145 1000


Price : around £100 (drinks included)

My rating: tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29 - copie copie tray29

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