Be prepared to eat in one of the best tapas Bar in London and the busiest as well. Arriving at 6pm or 9pm, the result will be the same, you will need to queue but everybody says it is worth it.

We first came to Barrafina Soho with at least 1.45 minutes to wait…outside, so we didn’t loose heart and tried the one in Covent Garden, with only 40 minutes to wait inside with a fruity red wine. Then, we were placed to the counter with the open kitchen which I can confirm the cleanliness in Barrafina is irreproachable.

The waitress described and explained us perfectly the menu. So, we went with the classic tortilla which was massive and a bit too much onion which makes the dish heavy; the croquetas were delicious and as the crab bun. The chipirones were fresh and crusty. Only negative was the prices which are a bit expensive.

Everything was of good quality and good food but to be honest I was waiting for something more surprising or maybe we didn’t make the right choices in the menu.

43 Drury Ln
London WC2B 5AJ

 Covent Garden


Price : around £40 (drinks included)

My rating: tray29 - copie copietray29 - copie copietray29 - copie copietray29

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